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NOVA Software Update history

Information about the previous NOVA releases

NOVA release information

This page provides an overview of the release history of NOVA.

NOVA 2.0.2 (released July 6th, 2016):

  • Schedules managed through Library
  • New plot color picker
  • Data handling command and tools shortcut button
  • Filters available in the Library
  • Detailed sampler information added to the Signal sampler
  • Zoom function for analysis commands
  • Custom names for the Build signal command

NOVA 2.0.1 (released April 1st, 2016):

  • Interpolate command added for data analysis
  • Koutecký-Levich analysis now available
  • Rating and tagging of data and procedures
  • Direct import of GPES and FRA data
  • Adjustements for ECI10M module control
  • Preview plot in Library for data
  • Non-volatile display settings for Library columns and data columns
  • Estimated duration for all measurement commands
  • New plot options

NOVA 2.0 (released October 7th, 2015):

  • Support for the new ECI10M module
  • Support for the new Autolab RHD Microcell HC
  • Support for the new PGSTAT204 and M204 combination with the Booster10A
  • Dynamic buffers support
  • Value of Alpha support
  • AC voltammetry support

NOVA 1.11.2 (released April 2nd, 2015):

  • Bugfix for error with instruments controlled by old USB Interface boxes
  • Timed repeat loop
  • Wait for Metrohm Remote inputs

NOVA 1.11.1 (released February 18th, 2015):

  • Bugfix for Firmware update in Diagnostics application

NOVA 1.11.0 (released December 23rd, 2014):

  • Consolidation of the features introduced with the minor updates of NOVA 1.10 (NOVA 1.10.2 - NOVA 1.10.5)
  • Support for the new Multi Autolab/M204
  • Support for the new Autolab RRDE
  • New version of the NOVA only driver

NOVA 1.10.5 (released October 15th, 2014)

  • Warning provided on Windows XP computers
  • Support for signal averaging for Avantes spectrometers
  • Control of the Metrohm 6.2148.010 Remote box
  • Improvements to the Metrohm Liquid Handling support
  • Automatic repair of pX1000 checksum error

NOVA 1.10.4 (released May 5th, 2014)

  • Support for the PSA and Constant Current PSA measurement techniques
  • Complete redesign for all support Metrohm Liquid Handling devices
  • Fast cutoff option for the Record signals (> 1 ms) command
  • Time derivative signals added to the Signal sampler
  • Possibility to change the sampling rate based on the time derivative signal for the Record signals (> 1 ms) command
  • Import GPES data buffers
  • Baseline correction by moving average
  • New OCP integration

NOVA 1.10.3 (released October 18th, 2013)

  • Support for Metrohm Sample Processors in 64 Bit versions of Windows.
  • Increment parameter and Increment parameter with signal commands back in the Control group of command.
  • Single instance of Cutoff option.
  • Integrate between markers.
  • Import .ecc equivalent circuit from old FRA software.
  • Import/Export NOVA equivalent circuits.
  • New format for Message box and Input box commands.
  • Subfolder structure in Procedure browser.
  • Multiple errors/warnings validation tooltip in the procedure editor.

NOVA 1.10.2 (released July 24th, 2013)

  • Support for Metrohm devices in 64 Bit versions of Windows (not for Sample Processor)
  • Support for Avantes spectrometers in 64 Bit versions of Windows
  • Convolution analysis method added to the Analysis – general group of commands
  • Options added to the Build signal command

NOVA 1.10.1 (released May 8th, 2013)

  • Support for 64 Bit versions of Windows for all instruments with USB control
  • Support for the new Autolab PGSTAT204
  • New user interface for Autolab control command
  • New user interface for Chrono methods and Chrono methods high speed command
  • New user interface for FRA measurement command
  • Phase out of the Timed procedure command
  • Timing guide in procedure editor and managed timing
  • Real time validation in procedure editor
  • More detailed validation information
  • Ignore warnings in validation
  • Link to Windows Explorer for database
  • Cutoff information displayed in options tooltip
  • Cut/Copy/Paste option in procedure editor
  • Manual control for external devices

NOVA 1.9 (released November 26th, 2012)

  • Improved performance for long term measurements
  • Support for 64 Bit versions of Windows
  • Active profile indication in the status bar
  • Hidden commands warning
  • Check for updates on startup
  • Linkable cutoff value in procedure editor
  • Power and resistance signals added to the signal sampler
  • WE(X).Charge signal added to the signal sampler
  • Automatic offset DAC control
  • Internal dummy cell control for the PGSTAT101 and the M101
  • Optional serial number in legend
  • Linkable purge time
  • Procedure editor in Multi Autolab view
  • iR drop correction analysis tool/command
  • File extension identification in Import GPES data command
  • Dedicated Avantes spectrometers support
  • Frequencies per decade distribution in the FRA frequency scan editor
  • Consolidation of the Wait time (s) and Wait time (μs) commands
  • Distributed circuit element added to Fit and Simulation tool
  • Clear measurement plot command

NOVA 1.8 (released December 1st, 2011)

  • Support for the FRA32M – New impedance analyzer module
  • Automatic update tool for USB interfaces
  • Automatic Hardware setup
  • Simplified interface with Profile menu
  • Hide/Show optionSorting function for the Commands browser
  • Import/Export ProfilesContext sensitive popup menu
  • Add comments to My Commands
  • Favorite commands group
  • Basic Undo/Redo functionality
  • Modification to the Calculate signal command
  • Noise meters added to Autolab display
  • Real time modification of the command parameters
  • Add plots in real time
  • Modification of the plot options in real time
  • Create Windower from X axis
  • New plot options
  • Linkable interval time in Record signals (> 1 ms) command
  • Pseudo capacitance calculation for (RQ) circuit

NOVA 1.7 (released April 1st, 2011)

  • Support for the PGSTAT302F – Switchable floating version of the PGSTAT302N
  • Support for the PGSTAT100N
  • Support for the Multi Autolab – Multi channel frame with M101 potentio-stat/galvanostat
  • On the fly conversion of procedures and data from previous versions of NOVA
  • Redesign of the pX calibration interface
  • Redesign of Edit Cutoff user interface
  • Reverse on Cutoff
  • Adjustments to the Graphical user interface for Fitting and Simulation of impedance data
  • Improvement of the Peak search analysis tool
  • Driver manager
  • Export to ZView command
  • Integration of My Commands in Analysis view
  • Record signals linkable
  • Faster startup
  • Adjustments to the Windower tool
  • Preview of database names

NOVA 1.6 (released June 1st, 2010)

  • Support for the FI20 – Integrator and on-board integrator
  • Serial number recognition
  • Redesign of the FRA measurement commands
  • Single frequency FRA measurements
  • Manual control of the FRA through Autolab display
  • Graphical user interface for Fitting and Simulation of impedance data
  • Simplified commands and parameters
  • MultiBA module support
  • Multi Autolab support
  • Software synchronization command for Multi Autolab measurements
  • Serial number and instrument description in the database
  • Multi Autolab support for Diagnostics application
  • New user interface for the procedure validator
  • FFT Analysis and FFT Smoothing
  • ECN Spectral noise analysis
  • Clear plot button modification
  • Dynamic command parameters
  • Repeat for multiple values
  • Autolab display with collapsible panels
  • Current interrupt and positive feedback
  • External .NET applications support
  • Avantes spectrometer support

NOVA 1.5 (released June 1st, 2009)

  • Support for pX, ECN, FI20 – Filter, MUX, IME663 & IME303
  • Support for the Booster10A for the PGSTAT128N
  • Support for the ADC750 revision 4.0
  • Support for the PGSTAT101
  • Voltammetric analysis techniques
  • Manual control of the Hg drop electrode (IME663 or IME303)
  • Manual control of the MUX
  • New user interface for Autolab control command
  • Manual control of the instrument through Autolab display
  • Skip button
  • Reverse button
  • Multiple plots in measurement view and overlays
  • Send email command
  • Check online for updates
  • New data handling commands
  • Timed procedure inside a FRA frequency scan
  • New FRA commands
  • Post measurement check
  • Save data option
  • Hardware summary in the About menu
  • Improved support for Metrohm devices
  • Autolab control in options
  • Wait on DIO trigger
  • New Autolab procedures
  • Test of Autolab modules

NOVA 1.4 (released September 14th, 2008)

  • Support for pX1000, EQCM, ECD
  • Support the PGSTAT20 and PGSTAT128N
  • Tutorials
  • Simplified user interface
  • New Autolab procedures
  • Grouped commands
  • Procedure templates
  • New plotting framework
  • Installed on same computer as previous releases
  • DAC control in Autolab control
  • Cutoffs
  • Simplified FRA frequency range editor
  • FRA Galvanostatic support
  • pH calibration
  • Data repository
  • Reverse compatibility with previous NOVA versions
  • New data analysis framework and data analysis tools
  • New data handling and new data analysis commands
  • My commands
  • Improved Import GPES command
  • Import and Export ASCII
  • G circuit element in Fit and Simulation
  • Kronig-Kramers calculation
  • Metrohm liquid handling support
  • External devices control

NOVA 1.3 (released April 1st, 2008)

  • Support for the Booster 10 A and Booster 20 A
  • Support for the PGSTAT100, PGSTAT30/302(N), PGSTAT12
  • NOVA 1.2 and NOVA 1.3 on the same computer
  • Improved Chrono methods
  • SCANGEN/SCAN250 together with the ADC164
  • New linking behavior
  • Printing links (procedure setup)
  • Reverse compatibility with version 1.2
  • Diagnostics
  • Signal set(s) for each measurement command
  • More than one signal set in the measurement view
  • Clear plot measurement
  • Manual scaling during measurement
  • Mathematical parser as a command
  • Improved Autolab Control interface
  • OCP integration
  • Reference voltage command
  • Import FRA data command
  • Find circle for impedance data
  • Fit and simulation for impedance data

More information on previous releases of NOVA can be found here (version 1.10 and earlier) and here (version 1.11).