Procedure editing made easy!

The procedure editor of NOVA is simple, easy to use and easy to learn. Each command is represented by a small time and a dedicated visual symbol. The available commands are grouped in the Commands panel on the left and the command properties of the selected command are shown in the Properties panel on the right.

Commands can be added using the drag and drop method. The commands can be reordered in the same way and if needed, commands can be grouped to create command groups that can be moved or copied as a whole.

The procedure editor only shows the most common properties. Depending on their needs, users can access advanced properties at all times (like the Sampler, the Options, custom Plots or Links).

PNG - ProcedureEditorSampler


Through the Sampler panel, each user can specify which signals have to be recorded during each measurement and how these signals have to be acquired.

PNG - ProcedureEditorOptions


Setting up automatic current ranging or cutoff options can be done in just a few clicks in the Options panel.

PNG - ProcedureEditorPlots


Additionally, each user can specify how the recorded data should be plotted during a measurement, using the Plots panel.

PNG - ProcedureEditorLinks


Finally, if needed, command properties can be linked through the dedicated Edit links screen.


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