Archive 2021
15.11.2016, 11:30

New Nova release (Version 2.1)

Nova release 2.1 is now available for download (registered users only). This new version of NOVA provides a completely redesigned and simplified user interface. This provided a new and unique user experience.

This release comes with a lot of great new features:

  • Application-wide search function
  • Check cell tool
  • Cell off control in i-interrupt tool
  • Support for Autolab spectrophotometer and light source
  • Manual control of spectrophotometer
  • New measurement commands and options for spectrophotomers
  • Custom names for all commands
  • Repeat number included in Repeat command
  • Zoom function for procedure and schedule editor
  • Support for Electrochemical Frequency Modulation (EFM) measurements
  • New corrosion rate analysis method according to ASTM G95
  • New controls for the Plots frame
  • All drivers now installed with NOVA

The new version is available for download (registration required) here.

More information on the new release of NOVA is available here.